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The Russians are Invading..

Okay I really think I'm on to something here.

My journal entry that was made friends only and remained friend only was posted in a Russian blog. I'm not sure why or how..but lj is not safe. I think it is spam. Or they are trying ot get some sort of acct information or identity..I'm not sure. Anyway so I googled the other entries that were in the eblogger Russian blog and came across many other lj users and eblog users. So this blog randomly takes 1-2 entries a day and posts them. I believe the entries I cannot find are friends only or private entries. It also takes the pictures and posts them..

I'm not sure how long this has been going on and would not have known if such a critical post of mine had not been stolen.

Anyway some of the lj users I msged told me they were getting friend requests from Russian users. I have not gotten any yet...and you cannot delete a person if they friend you but they cannot see your material if yuo do not add them back.

I also looked at the lj support:

look how many entries are in Russian..and there are at least two talking about being added by Russian journals..what the hell is going on??

So long story short..I think the Russians are invading and none of your friends only entries are do not post names..where you work..whatever..

and my investigation is not over...
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