Sage (sage82) wrote,


My Art Therapy class is finally was a lot of fun...I will miss doing and learning about art are some of the things I did..the best thing is you don't have to be an artist (thank god) to do just use it as a tool to express what you are feeling..

I am not an artist, but I had lots of fun trying to put my feelings onto paper..

Jungian technique-Dreams

Transitional piece..used Solution-focused technique, photo therapy technique and Jugnian amplification technique to transform previous painting, amplify it and put self in picture to transform it.

Jungian and Gestalt technique Mandala

Cognitive-Behavioral Collage

Narrative technique Self Portrait Box

Inside Self Portrait Box

Object Relations technique-clay

Jungian technique shadow mask

Narrative and solution-focused photo art therapy timeline

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those are really cool, i like em.
you're not an artist? hmmm.... ok....
Expressionist....definately that....and a good one... I like all this
i like!!!! how creative.